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Construction Contractor Answering Service: Case Study

The Business

An award-winning residential construction company based out of Orlando, Florida. They excel in residential re-development with specialization in framing, roofing, and interior remodelling.

There is no defined call answering process at the company which has led to a disjointed customer service experience and hindered information relay efficiency.

The Problem

Due to the nature of the call answering process, the client was requiring numerous solutions to a host of call-related issues they were facing. Specifically, the client required a 24/7 call solution for directing daytime calls to specific team members, the ability to assign emergency calls to alert staff of an immediate callback requirement, and improved documentation of callers who are interested in services and reporting these new leads to the sales team.

Our Solution

After learning of the needs of the client, the Southern team were able to build a robust script that allows Southern to act as an extension of the company. The script was developed to ensure the client has all business needs fulfilled and expectations met.

A significant differential between Southern and other providers is the ease of set-up and how quickly services can begin. From the initial set-up discussion with an account manager, the company’s service was live and operational within 72 hours with Southern.

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“The process to get started at Southern Answering Service couldn’t of been easier. Our business feels so much more organized now and our customer service has improved. We now all have more time to focus on the job at hand. We would highly recomend the service that Southern provides.”.


Southern’s advanced service has resulted in a vast improvement in the streamlining and automation of the call answering process for the client. Time to complete tasks has been significantly reduced as well as the risk of error in collecting leads and recording messages. The customer service experience has also improved, resulting in the client experiencing the multi-faceted benefits provided by Southern Answering Service.


Increase in Qualified Leads
Faster Response Time to Emergency Calls
Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

Ready to Get Started?

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Author: Joe Watt | February 28th 2022

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