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Regardless of your industry, having a live virtual receptionist can take your company to the next level and make it run more smoothly and efficiently. With our professional and cheerful answering agents, you can feel confident knowing that your customers are getting the same personal touch that they would with an in-office receptionist. Southern Answering Service’s live virtual receptionist service is the smartest way to ensure quality customer service to all of your callers.

Keeping most businesses open 24 hours per day, seven days a week is not only impractical but also impossible. Just because your door can’t be open, doesn’t mean your phone lines can’t be. Rather than hiring 24-hour staff or exhausting your day staff with overnight on-call responsibilities, outsourcing after-hours calls is a smart and resourceful way to support your staff and care for your clients.


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Giving your clients the ability to talk to a live person at any time of the day or night will set your office apart from the competition, providing the edge you need to succeed. Relying on voicemail can be challenging when some clients will choose to not leave message, even if their matter is urgent. This can unknowingly affect your customer service by creating a frustrated client with whom you’ve never even made contact. Using an after-hours call center to support your business is the key to perpetual support.

Our top-quality, local customer service and live virtual receptionist service agents provides you with the around-the-clock support you’ve been looking for.

Why Southern Answering Service?

Southern Answering Service takes pride in our reputation as the best answering service solution in the south. We understand how important each phone call is to your business so all of our call representatives are carefully and thoroughly trained. Whether you are a one person operation, or a large corporation, we want to embrace the voice and persona of your brand and your company.

We have clients in a variety of industries because our exceptional dedication to customer care, responsiveness, and attention to detail enables us to handle calls, resolve problems, and close sales better than any competitor in the industry.

We Are Helping Businesses Stay Connected 24/7

A dedicated 24/7 answering service team at a fraction of the cost.

You’re in good hands – day and night. Our 24/7/365 answering service team gives you a professional, friendly customer service expert ready to warmly greet your callers and deliver messages to you seven days a week.

Whether you have a single unit or are a national property management company, we have you covered 24 hours a day. We can direct calls directly to your preferred service contractors or send you messages directly and allow you to determine the next step. It’s all in your control!

In today’s healthcare environment, how well your practice responds to calls from patients, colleagues and staff members can be just as important as your quality of care. Now you can make sure that every time the phone rings, it will be personally handled in a prompt, professional manner – day or night. Learn More.

Like any business owner, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to cut costs, eliminate overhead and increase your profitability. Consider Southern Answering Service as an efficient, cost-effective way to better manage your time and money – and help you grow.

Our trained agents have a functional knowledge of industry terms, legal vocabulary and standard protocols.  You’ll find that they’ll quickly become an indispensable part of your law firm – saving you time, transcribing your messages and keeping your clients happy.

Whether you’re on the job site or at the office, customer communications are key to your business. We give you another tool for your toolbox – so you’ll never miss a new opportunity. Our professionally-trained specialists deliver a custom-built, cost-effective and personal voice for your new and current customers, 24/7/365.

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