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What is a virtual receptionist?

Do you own a business and feel like it’s too much to balance your time between managing your customers, the office, and everything else? You’re not alone. Of course, there are always some tasks that you’ll need to do yourself, but the more effective way of managing a business is by outsourcing tasks that can be done remotely. A virtual receptionist service will help manage calls and schedule appointments for your company, so you don’t have to worry about them.

If your small business currently requires a receptionist, do you have the time, energy, or budget to hire one? A virtual receptionist can be the solution to all of these. They answer calls and greet visitors professionally, take messages for clients when they’re unavailable, make appointments on behalf of clients, and provide customer service over the phone.

Read on to learn more about how a virtual receptionist can benefit your business.

What exactly is a virtual receptionist?

A Virtual Receptionist is an extension of your team who completes the same duties as a traditional in-house receptionist. Their primary job is answering phone calls, but they can also assist with appointment scheduling and provide elite customer service.

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What makes a virtual receptionist different from an answering service?

A virtual receptionist differentiates itself from an answering service with the level of high touch connection that they can provide. They are trained to be educated on the operational side of your business, providing a level of dedicated support that an answering service can’t. The person phoning your business would never know that the agent answering is a third-party employee.

What are the benefits of a virtual receptionist?

Outside of being an extension of your business and being able to handle all inbound calls, a virtual receptionist has a host of other benefits that could help take your business to a new level of efficiency.

  1. Virtual receptionists are more cost-effective than hiring a live person

We’re living in the age of technology, and there are many ways to streamline your business. One way is by using a virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionists provide all the services that a live person can offer without any overhead costs for rent or utilities.

The cost is much cheaper than having an office assistant or secretary on the payroll. You can find someone who will work around your schedule, so they’ll never be late or miss any days off like vacation time. You don’t have to worry about providing them with equipment, transportation, or a uniform. For way less than you’d pay a local employee, you can provide a professional receptionist to answer calls and greet customers during your business hours.

  1. Virtual receptionists can offer traditional services without any days off

If you’re thinking about hiring an office assistant or secretary but aren’t sure if they’ll be able to keep up with your hectic schedule, consider hiring a virtual receptionist instead. They can provide the same level of service as someone you hire locally, but they’ll never need to take a day off or vacation time.

  1. Streamline employee tasks

Whether you operate a small business with a low number of employees or a larger business with many, then either yourself or someone else within the company will have to take time out of their day to answer calls. Whoever answers calls for your business needs to not only be well versed in all aspects of the company but is going to prioritize answering calls over the tasks they need to complete. Using a virtual receptionist allows all your employees to focus on what they were hired to do, allowing your workforce to be more effective.

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  1. Virtual receptionists are a great choice for businesses with multiple locations

If your business serves more than one locality,  hiring a virtual receptionist is an excellent idea! You can hire someone in another city or country who is local to the area and understands the customers they are talking to. They can answer phones, enter data into your CRM software, schedule appointments, and send out emails on your behalf.

  1. Virtual Receptionists can Offer Bi-Lingual services

Does your business often work with bi-lingual clients? There are 41 million Spanish speakers in the US, and that number is predicted to grow for years to come. A bi-lingual virtual receptionist can take your calls in multiple languages so you can reach all your customers in the way that they prefer.

  1. Your company’s phone number will always ring through to your staff member

This can be an excellent way to impress clients and prove to them that your business is professional and reliable. Your clients will know that they can call you at any time of day or night, even if you are closed or on vacation! This kind of reliability is invaluable when it comes to customer service, especially if customers are calling for emergencies or urgent matters.

  1. You’ll never have to worry about scheduling vacation time again!

This is especially convenient if you are the only person in your business who takes calls and schedules appointments. By hiring a virtual receptionist, you’ll be able to schedule time off whenever necessary without worrying about how it will affect your business.

  1. Appear more professional

When using a virtual receptionist, all of your calls are answered when someone tries to contact your business. A team of professionally trained agents are educated on your company’s operations, meaning they can answer any questions, queries, or complaints callers have. There is no way for anyone to know that your virtual receptionist team isn’t in your office! Not only are the agents professionally trained on the ins and outs of your business, but they are also 100% locally based to wherever your business is.

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  1. Improve Customer Service

A business thrives on its reputation. Both current customers and potential ones expect a level of customer service from a company they decide to do business with. If they are on the fence between two different companies, their customer service experience can be the difference-maker between the two. Not only that but in today’s world of information, every consumer has a voice through online reviews so a bad experience can be broadcast on social media and other sites. Take the guesswork away by allowing a dedicated team of virtual receptionists to provide your customer service, and take your customer service experience to the next level.

A virtual receptionist is a cost-effective way to increase customer satisfaction and provide an improved level of service for your customers. As you just read above, we know that being a receptionist is not just about answering the phone. A virtual receptionist can help with so much more, from scheduling to handling customer service inquiries and taking care of mail requests. If you’re ready for a change in your business or are looking to grow it even further, consider hiring one today!

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